Ever lazed over a morning coffee with a huge slab of buttered Brioche and strawberry jam?

Ever wanted to recreate this buttery delight but thought it best left to the Boulangere?

The day I baked my first Brioche was a very proud and satisfying day indeed. You’ll be amazed how quick and simple the following recipe is and how fantastic it tastes.

Bon appétit


Ingredients (1 brioche)

·         375g flour

·         20g yeast

·         200g (20 cl) milk

·         65 g sugar

·         65 g  butter (softened and beaten)

·         1/2 dessert spoon salt

·         1 beaten egg and 1 egg for glazing


1.   Mix the yeast with 4 dessert spoons of warm milk and leave to act (froth). (I used dried yeast and it worked fine)

2.   Sieve flour into a mixing bowl. Add sugar and salt and combine. Make a well in the middle and slowly add the yeast & milk mixture, one egg and the remaining milk..

3.   Beat the dough until it leaves the sides of the bowl. (This is the hardest bit – arm breaking work. I am sure you can probably do this in a mixer – mine’s still in storage – that’s another story !)

4.   Cut the softened butter into pieces and add. Beat the dough again.

5.   Leave to rest for 1hour, the dough should double in size.

6.   Beat the dough again. Cut into quarters and shape into oblongs. Put them side by side in a loaf tin. (If you fancy cutting corners at this point I discovered that just forming the dough into a ring on a baking sheet works and looks great!) Leave to rest for another hour.

7.   Make a deep and angled cut in the centre of each oblong with a knife (or scissors) and glaze the top with the remaining egg (beaten)

8.   Cook in a moderate oven (200 °C) for  35 min


Et voila !


Hope you feel as smug and as I did when you dig in.


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  1. I’m definitely going to have to give it a go – although I can see about 50 ways of it all going horrible wrong. The cleaning up is always the worst part.

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