We’d been talking about moving to rural France and finding a simpler way of life for years. Then in 2007 we did it. We decided to put our money where our mouth was and jointly stepped out of our comfort zones, leaving behind the corporate 9-5, the property ladder, the endless toddler groups and many things that kept the pressure on to keep earning, spending, accumulating and worrying.

When we finally decamped to our beloved Burgundy in November 2007 we fell in love all over again. Her rich landscape just beckoned exploration so armed with bikes and all manner of child carrying equipment we did just that. To wander deeper into her landscape was awe inspiring and exciting, the bikes had let us discover her secrets, it was clearly the only way to really get to know her and frankly we are so excited we want to share it with you. So we created Velo Velo, a small family run company that will do exactly that, and in some style too.