Getting the right bike for you is essential. If the bike fits you well, you will have a much more enjoyable cycling experience. We use the latest hybrid bikes, which are ideal for the terrain we cover. Bikes come from a local cycle shop run by Xavier, a man who is passionate about bikes. Last year the bikes we used were custom built around a Vektor frame and were excellent. These bikes are immaculately maintained by Xavier. Bikes are individually fitted at the beginning of your first day of riding. This is why it’s important that you provide us with your inside leg measurement and height at time of  booking to make sure we have the best frame size bike ready for you. Bikes come equipped with handlebar bag, map holder, pump and water bottle. We also provide a bike helmet and guidance on how to fit this properly for your own safety and comfort.

Each day will start with a bike check to make sure everything is operating correctly. We are also there on the ride to sort out any problems that may arise en route.
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